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Posted 22nd October 2015 in blog

an angels kiss

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I love these small prints that are mounted on board. I made them whilst playing about with some of my feather collection. I love how they change shape when they encounter more ink. Some start taking on a moving life of their own and others becoming rigid and don’t move at all. I also love how they aren’t the first thing you see when you look at these images. The feathers seem to come through as an after thought. A gentle nudge of something that has gone before. When you spot them you can’t remember not seeing them. They are an angels kiss, barely there, but leaving you with a warm glow of knowledge.

halos and feathers series #nikicottonartdotcom #art #printing #monoprint #feathers #halos

halos and feathers series #nikicottonartdotcom #art #printing #monoprint #feathers #halos


Posted by maz hawes at 5:18 on the 22.10.15

OOh yum, Niki! I love the feather motif and these two prints have so much depth. Super and duper 🙂 x

Posted by niki at 2:18 on the 27.10.15

thanks Maz, I love making them and its also great to be able to use all the feathers that I keep collecting on my walks!

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