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Posted 3rd June 2015 in blog

back to the drawing board

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I have been really remiss and not posted anything properly on here in rather too many weeks. I have been stuck in making a lot of work though, messing about with paint, print and photography so I have plenty to hopefully write about in the next couple of weeks and show you the work I have been tackling. Some I think successfully and others much less so!¬† One thing that is less so and that I always shirk from is drawing. I am not the most comfortable with it. I struggle with mark making when it’s just monochrome.

lovely goofy mess #drawing #nikicottonartdotcom #indianink #bamboopens

But having rediscovered Indian Ink with some very lovely bamboo pens I got from Jacksons Art Supplies I was suddenly up for some scribbling and drawing. The pens are so delightful to work with and I think you could have a lot of fun writing with them too.

pen and ink sketch #nikicottonartdotcom #art #drawin #indianink #penandink #monochrome

As it is I got stuck in creating an almighty mess drawing with them in the studio with the ink, surgical spirit and yupo paper, which is basically plastic. (They call it synthetic paper). It’s interesting to work on. Makes it easy to move the ink about and layer things up and wipe away but it is also something that takes a lot of getting used to, it doesn’t behave like anything that calls it self paper so you need to leave all your beliefs at the door before you start playing about with this stuff.

monochrome monday #nikicottonartdotcom #blackandwhite #penandink #indianink #drawing #art

I scribbled, swirled, smeared and then hair dried the ink, then splashed, swiped and scrubbed at the ink with surgical spirit that made the ink dissolve. It is definitely a game of experimentation and I know I’ve only scratched the surface with this but it was fun and I definitely know it is something I can work with and push. I threw some gesso into the mix to give a nice matt finish that added a bit of white to the pieces but also dragged some of the ink into it changing the white to grey in areas. I am going to try getting to grips with some good old fashioned paper in the next couple of weeks too and see where that goes with this technique.

monochrome tuesday #nikicottonartdotcom #art #drawing #penandink #indianink


Posted by Shelley at 1:29 on the 03.06.15

Wow, love it! Very know I love b&w ink work, so this definately pushes some buttons for me. Reminds me of the Peter Prendergast days..x

Posted by niki at 2:19 on the 04.06.15

Oh that seems such a long time ago now Shelley! Good days. Inspiring days. You have always been a master at working in B&W and ink. I somewhat flounder in the shallows but doing it is the only way to push through isn’t it. I will keep at it and see where it goes. x

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