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Posted 16th March 2016 in blog

circles not squares

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Our lives seem to creatively live in those small little squares of Instagram so often, that I think a subconscious part of me has a default setting to draw and paint circles. There is something so satisfying and complete in that simple shape. A feeling of just being enough, of being done. There is also that sense of things going round and round again until you have learnt how to change the pattern. Things, life, time move in cycles. The expected. Giving us a feeling of security. A requirement for a calm foundation when the rest of life is a chaotic juggle of hither and thither, highs and lows. The circle sits there quietly, allowing you to contemplate its secure complete comfort, encircling you like a hug in those moments of fear. A symbol of protection and love. The beginning and the end with everything that occurs captured in between.

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