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Posted 15th June 2016 in blog


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Ink is such a different medium for me to work in. Acrylic is quick but it’s far less instant than ink. I can still scratch back and paint over things I don’t like but ink and the way I use it always make me feel that it’s the first and only mark that will have to speak. I feel really anxious as I approach the paper. Those butterflies knocking about in my stomach like I’m about to climb in the starting blocks to begin a race. How ridiculous is that??! This was made on a deliciously large piece of paper and I floundered about on the sidelines for a good while with a brush in my hand pondering. Pondering what I’m not so sure but I couldn’t make myself launch. Once I did though it was a flurry of activity and bosh it was made. The marks laid down and just a few areas drawn into afterwards and layered up. Simple and all whilst trying to control my need to constantly fill every last space with something. To allow the negative space to sit there quietly, allowing the colour and shape to speak for itself without the noise of over complicated explaining. I think this is also a lesson for me as well as my art.

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