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Posted 7th October 2015 in blog

it’s just painting but using different stuff…..

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Drawing is not the most natural way for me to make marks and images as I have probably discussed before. I think I need to change the process in my head to – ‘painting but using different stuff’ instead of feeling the weight of ‘DRAWING’. I seem to make it so serious. All that stunning mark making that has been done through the ages that inspires me and leaves me in awe. Then there is me…. faffing with sticks, bamboo pens, charcoal, pencils and just getting cross and frustrated. So, I am trying to put the weight of expectation in a different box and to just enjoy the meandering of my tools and my intuiton.


Posted by Maz Hawes at 2:39 on the 11.10.15

Nice- meandering lines, playing with tone , what’s not to love. Have you tried water soluble graphite, my fave!

Posted by niki at 1:02 on the 11.10.15

ooooo haven’t tried that but I am now going to have a look and find some so I can have a play. I have been using surgical spirit with this too. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

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