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Bang, half paying attention to the box in the corner chattering away to itself whilst pinning more gorgeous pictures on my pinboards, mooning over the deliciousness of them all and out of nowhere, someone says a line on a tv programme that has instantly conjured up an image that I need to make. Inspiration really does strike at the most curious times and this time, it was whilst watching (as the hubster says) that Glee for adults programme of utter twaddle – Nashville. I was using it as a brain holiday and instead it prompted work. Funny really.

just because you close your eyes it doesn’t make you invisible.

This line struck such a chord with me I immediately had to text myself it so I wouldn’t forget and that was it, my mind was whirring and ideas were being formed. I made this image a few days later. I seem to have a bit of a thing for slapping great big goops of acrylic paint across my face.



Posted by Jacquie at 3:58 on the 16.02.16

Love it – and love the quote. An ‘eye opener’ from someone who has ostrich tendencies. I especially love the image, part philosophical, part bandit, part camouflage…

Posted by niki at 11:54 on the 19.02.16

Ah Jac it is good to hear from you! Agree with all you are saying. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment x

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