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Posted 8th February 2016 in blog


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This piece started as a collection of marks summing up a squally day down at the beach and ended up being a much more still and thoughtful piece of work.

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It came after Enjoy the Silence, I was never quite happy with it in its beginning. It was too swoopy on too small a scale. The format didn’t sit right with the context of the work. So the white paint got slapped all over it and it changed. Evolved into something hugely different. I love it when that happens.

Run #nikicottonartdotcom #art #painting #abstract

There is no telling where something will go most of the time and I was unsure it was even finished, but, a buyer came along, saw it in the studio and poof, it now lives in a new home. I guess it was finished after all.


Posted by Shelley at 2:43 on the 08.02.16

I love it when that happens..evolution, openness to change, fluidity. A very successful piece, I really love it. The combination of drama and tranquility in the marks create a dynamic balance. The symbolism is compelling. I see the angel of the north, and DM vibrating through the brushstrokes. Get back into the studio, pronto! 🙂 xx

Posted by niki at 11:17 on the 08.02.16

I know!!!!!!! Aaaarrrgggghhh! I’ve been writing so at least that’s one thing. I’m on a mission this week….. X

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