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Posted 21st October 2015 in blog

neon series

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I’m not sure whether you will have noticed yet or not….. I have a bit of an obsession with neon pink spray paint. There is something just so joyous and delightful in its colour and also in using it. The Montana Gold graffiti spray paints are just so intuitive. The paint erupts from the tin in a fluid and easy jet that can be manipulated and guided for the most part to go where you want it to. Sometimes though, it can all be a bit hectic and it will end up all over the place. That then becomes a joy in itself, thinking how best to make the colour explosion fit in with what I am trying to make.

neon series #nikicottonartdotcom #art #painting #abstract #acrylic #neon

neon series #nikicottonartdotcom #art #abstraction #neon

neon seires #nikicottonartdotcom #art #abstraction #neon #acrylic


Posted by maz hawes at 5:19 on the 22.10.15

*adds neon spray paint to ever expanding shopping list*
Wow Niki, these really pop. SO much energy.

Posted by niki at 2:18 on the 27.10.15

you totally need neon spray paint in your creative tool box x

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