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Posted 7th July 2016 in blog

stand and deliver

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The ghosts of my youth regularly come back and haunt my work and myself with their influences. I never seem to notice until I step away from the scene or image. Neon has played a big part recently and I have a default setting of painting random stripes across my face for self portraits. Then, when using spray paints, I become a highway man with tea towels wrapped around my face… Adam Ant channeling anyone? I think I probably need to give in and get myself a proper mask for using such smelly & toxic paint in the studio but then my make believe would have to take a different tack….maybe I could paint with bunches of Gladioli instead of brushes and channel Morrissey? Although this would mean I could only paint seasonally! I will one day own a beautiful brocade military jacket with shiny gold buttons that I will stomp about on the beach in, but, until then I shall suffice with painting my face and wearing silly tea towels wrapped round my visage.

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