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Posted 25th March 2014 in blog

experiments in stitch

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This is a series of work that I started with printmaking using collograph designs I made and then I developed them with stitch. Pushing ideas and embellishing the composition (a word that every time I think about I have a complete brain fart, it takes at least five minutes to remember it and sometimes I have to put a phone call into someone asking for the word that means the layout/design of an image…why on earth is that?!), anyway, these are just a few of the images that I produced that I felt worked and fitted in with the other pieces of work that I was producing for this series. The top image was a really pretty and simple image, the paleness of the blue really needed little stitch to compliment it. I love the twirls of orange as they dance across it, a summers day, the tide lapping over the pebbles on the beach, you can almost hear it as it shuffles the stones about in its wake.


Horizon Line

Horizon Line was made by printing a cardboard collograph onto the most beautiful and delicate vintage silk and then painting ink through the back. It gives the image a real luminosity and defines all the areas between the orange beautifully. I didn’t feel this piece needed much stitch added so it was simply about adding little slashes of fabric to help define the stripes of reflection and tone of the sea as it heads out to the farthest point and meets the sky.



The map sneaking through the purple and pink of Sea adds depth and layers of interest. The screen printed lace across evokes the white horses as the tide crashes into shore. The bubbling foam of the dyed paper and the plastic gridding I love so much frothing away at the bottom of the image. I couldn’t resist adding the appliqued letters across the top that I painted in the most delicious inks.



Blue was another really simple collograph, I adore the almost aggressive stitching contrasting with the fragility of the tissue paper the print sits on. Finished with the flash of emerald and cerise silk.



Another collograph that was printed onto silk. This is a simplistic aerial view of the jetty at the dock in Rhos on Sea, with the fishing boats picked out in circles of stitch and the monstorous break water depicted in a grid of stitch at the top of the image. Its funny how things I see and am interested sit in my subconcious to be relayed into images when I start working, it pours out of my head without me even realising I am focusing on it. It always amazes me when I stop long enough to look at stuff after making it.



This image is so busy compared with the rest in the series. It makes me think of a layered drawing with tonnes to look at. There is nothing serene about it at all, its like a raging, squally sea, churning and bashing on the rocks strewn along the shore whilst the wind howls around me. There are some quite heavily stitched areas and I added some painted areas to the basic print too and layered up cocoon strippings and little areas of shredded skrim. I really would like to be stood on the shore too log with this storm going on around me.



Posted by Mary h at 4:50 on the 27.03.14

What no Bondaweb!!!!
Love your writings and your prints. Xx

Posted by Maz Hawes at 6:35 on the 28.03.14

Love the extra dimension that the stitch adds. Can’t stop looking at the last one- deep and full of movement. Almost marbly (made up word!) x

Posted by niki at 3:35 on the 30.03.14

love made up words Maz! I use them all the time as you know 😉 The last one for some reason makes me think of ancient Japanese prints too….no idea at all why but its just something that triggers in me when I look at it…?!

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