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Posted 27th August 2016 in blog

that ugly thing that makes the world go round

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The green backed monster, the elephant in the room, the thing most of us have a really unhealthy relationship with….money. There are some amongst us who love it, who revel in talking about it and bow down to the god of moola and then there are the rest of us. We hate talking about it, thinking about it makes us feel all antsy, sticking a price on our work and saying ‘that is what I am worth, my knowledge, expertise, education, life experiences, raw materials I have used to make this thing, the mistakes and all that has gone before it is what makes this piece worth that….’, it brings us out in hives and makes us hide under the bed. I struggle with this part of making work. I think it is the thing that stops me adding stuff to the shop so often and makes me a really bad seller, as it always comes back to the money and that embarrasses me. I am trying to learn to be different. To understand we all need it to be able to live and it’s great to have some extra so I can use it to make more work, for days out, for making memories and allowing me to buy things I see on Instagram that my amazingly creative virtual buddies make and so the flow keeps moving. The energy passes from one on to the next. I am not stuffing my mattress with it. Keep the energy moving and the flow will come back to me again. It’s all cyclical and something I need to learn to have a better relationship with. It needn’t scare me if I don’t keep allowing it to.

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