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Posted 5th September 2016 in blog

composition & inspiration

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I to spend a large portion of my day walking the dog and at the gym where I go to sweat so I can eat mostly what I want and both are places where it would be all too easy to walk through them feeling I have seen it all already. It is so easy Read More

Posted 2nd September 2016 in blog

paper series no.1

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Working again with many paintings at once took the pressure off me and the pieces in this series too. I was painting a really large 5ftx5ft piece in the garden and whilst I was at it I taped six slices of beautiful thick Fabriano paper to a couple of drawing boards next to the stretched Read More

Posted 29th August 2016 in blog

three – a lucky number

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After receiving the most delicious Yves Klein blue I have been itching to get a chance to make something with it. So having built myself the best 3ft square stretchers and after doing all the putting on of the canvas and priming it etc I was lucky enough to get a spell of great weather Read More

Posted 27th August 2016 in blog

that ugly thing that makes the world go round

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The green backed monster, the elephant in the room, the thing most of us have a really unhealthy relationship with….money. There are some amongst us who love it, who revel in talking about it and bow down to the god of moola and then there are the rest of us. We hate talking about it, Read More

Posted 26th August 2016 in blog


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Lying in the sun whilst the kids where whirling around me a few weeks ago I had an image pop in to my head that I needed to make. One of those ideas that float about and you just happen to be there at the right time in the right place and boom you know Read More

Posted 22nd August 2016 in blog

sail with me

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These little boats may be a little whimsical but I love making them when I find the right pieces of wood washed up on the beach. It really doesn’t happen all that often but when it does I seem to home in on them nestled amongst the flotsam of the sea on the shoreline, patiently Read More

Posted 19th August 2016 in blog

rinse out

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Do you own something that someone can see and instantly know what you do? That tell? Well apart from my constantly paint smeared clothes, phone and body I would say this mug sums what I do up quite well…. If I was to just leave it out somewhere that wasn’t my studio, anyone seeing it Read More

Posted 18th August 2016 in blog


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I have been searching for a steer skull with enormous  beautiful horns for ages now. I wanted to gold leaf the ends of them but I kept coming back to the feeling that I think having a giant skull of a once living creature stuck to my wall would make me feel creeped out every Read More

Posted 17th August 2016 in blog

scream re-imagined

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Playing about with the slow shutter app on my phone and learning to manipulate how I am making the images a little more, I created this curious screaming figure emerging from a bright pink box. I think the figure is obviously horrified that it has been stuck in something so pink and is screaming in Read More

Posted 16th August 2016 in blog

snaffling time

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It can be nigh on impossible to do anything much when the smalls are on their summer break from school. The guilt of not doing something with them can be crippling. I try to remind myself on the days I grab for work, that to go feral in the garden and get their imaginations flowing Read More

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