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Posted 8th March 2017 in Drawing Musings

monochrome thoughts

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To make in black and white isn’t my normal state. On the one hand I love it and on the other it’s a fight not to get the neon pink, electric blue and sea green out and splash it everywhere! Controlled making…. another tricky place to work in for me. But I have really enjoyed Read More

Posted 27th February 2017 in Drawing Musings

a drawing a day

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I set myself a quest last year – a drawing a day – it harks back to my time at college when my tutor used to pipe up every now and then, “a drawing a day gets you a BA’. It’s something that has stuck with me but as I’m not someone who draws naturally Read More

Posted 15th June 2016 in Drawing


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Ink is such a different medium for me to work in. Acrylic is quick but it’s far less instant than ink. I can still scratch back and paint over things I don’t like but ink and the way I use it always make me feel that it’s the first and only mark that will have Read More

Posted 16th March 2016 in Drawing

circles not squares

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Our lives seem to creatively live in those small little squares of Instagram so often, that I think a subconscious part of me has a default setting to draw and paint circles. There is something so satisfying and complete in that simple shape. A feeling of just being enough, of being done. There is also Read More

Posted 14th March 2016 in Drawing

emptying out

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Last week, like most weeks these days I seemed to have an awful lot of stuff slumped like a heavy load on my shoulders and in my head. There is one sure fire way of getting it all lifted off and out so I can feel lighter and brighter and that is to empty it Read More

Posted 7th October 2015 in Drawing

it’s just painting but using different stuff…..

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Drawing is not the most natural way for me to make marks and images as I have probably discussed before. I think I need to change the process in my head to – ‘painting but using different stuff’ instead of feeling the weight of ‘DRAWING’. I seem to make it so serious. All that stunning Read More

Posted 3rd October 2015 in Drawing


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Plotting and planning whilst I was making circles on some very lovely paper. It’s a funny thing to do. A bit like repeatedly writing a word until it no longer represents the thing that it is, or even looks like the correct spelling anymore. Continuously drawing, painting and printmaking circles made them all suddenly start Read More

Posted 29th September 2015 in Drawing Musings Painting

hanging about

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I pinned a small off cut of canvas on to the board on the easel and decided to mess about with it as I was working on some drawings and another painting. I hung it out to dry on the rather ‘Heath Robinson-esq’ print drier I’ve rigged up in the studio, (see string that I Read More

Posted 12th June 2015 in Drawing Musings

prom extra 2015

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For the last couple of years there has been an event down on the brand spanking new beach right here on our doorstep called Prom Extra. It is held over a weekend and is full of creative stands, donkeys, a fun fair, stalls, a noisy, fast and fun rally car auto test and a stage Read More

Posted 3rd June 2015 in Drawing Methods Musings

back to the drawing board

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I have been really remiss and not posted anything properly on here in rather too many weeks. I have been stuck in making a lot of work though, messing about with paint, print and photography so I have plenty to hopefully write about in the next couple of weeks and show you the work I Read More


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