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Posted 5th September 2016 in Methods

composition & inspiration

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I to spend a large portion of my day walking the dog and at the gym where I go to sweat so I can eat mostly what I want and both are places where it would be all too easy to walk through them feeling I have seen it all already. It is so easy Read More

Posted 7th July 2016 in Methods Musings

stand and deliver

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The ghosts of my youth regularly come back and haunt my work and myself with their influences. I never seem to notice until I step away from the scene or image. Neon has played a big part recently and I have a default setting of painting random stripes across my face for self portraits. Then, Read More

Posted 28th June 2016 in Methods

for the love of tools

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The collecting of tools for my work is an obsession I am quite passionate about it seems. Brushes of different thickness, textures and handle length (yes really, it’s all in the balance don’t you know?!). Pencils that all have a different softness of lead, ones that blend with water, ones with a traditional pencil shape Read More

Posted 25th October 2015 in Methods Painting

enjoy the silence

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I have been moving this monster of a canvas (8ft x 8ft) around for many years. It’s been hung up in the office and stuffed in numerous garages. I dragged it out to re paint about 5 years ago and got side tracked so back to the garage it went. At last it got heaved Read More

Posted 23rd September 2015 in Methods Photography


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With the advent of gala season on us again. The prospect of sitting poolside for days on end, waiting for Middlers races to happen reminds me of the photographs I took at the last gala I attended in July. I can’t just sit there staring into space ALL day so I use as much of Read More

Posted 15th June 2015 in Methods Musings Printmaking

halos in flight

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Whilst in the studio making mono prints for work I am putting in a space locally, I found all these delicious prints on the things I was using as masks. They make a piece of work in their own right, especially set against the drop cloth behind. I think my favourite is the feather on Read More

Posted 13th June 2015 in Methods Musings Painting

one painting becomes many

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I seem to have had a flurry of problematic paintings that I have ended up, after struggling with, merrily taking scissors to and chopping up. There is something quite cathartic about it, but also, when it then comes together in a way you hadn’t foreseen, thrilling. I think at the moment I would be surrounded Read More

Posted 11th June 2015 in Methods Painting

small studies in neon

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I have been saving all my board offcuts from mounting work. I know it’s the hoarding thing going on again, but, instead of just letting them pile up, I have been making myself gaffer tape them to the board next to larger pieces I am making and working on them as I go along. These Read More

Posted 10th June 2015 in Methods Photography

the red arrows

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I may not have been able to get out the paints whilst sitting pool side at endless swimming galas, but, I have been able to do some extensive photo editing on the old iphone in between the timing of races. I knew the photo ops would be fabulous when we heard the Red Arrows were Read More

Posted 9th June 2015 in Methods Musings Painting

just paint

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Sometimes you just have to get stuck in and play. See where the materials take you. Faffing about on different surfaces and then taking sections to see where you can push them. I added little bits of paper that I had trimmed off something else to the two below. I love the way the paper Read More


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