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Posted 6th June 2015 in Methods Printmaking

back to college

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I forget how random being in a learning environment is after so years being out of it. It works in its own time zone and nothing ever seems to be rushed. It’s all a little haphazard and more than a little frustrating. I went along recently to the local college who happened to be running Read More

Posted 5th June 2015 in Methods Painting Printmaking


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I love being able to just throw caution to the wind and play in my sketchbook. Using up random bits found in the studio and seeing what it creates or how it can be pushed, on a scale that’s hard for me to use most of the time as it’s so small. But it also Read More

Sitting poolside, again, whilst middler shaved seconds off all of his personal bests at yet another gala; minding my own business, I happened to glance down to my wrist and really look at what I was wearing. There was a pair of the most glorious colours side by side on those silly bands that no Read More

Posted 3rd June 2015 in Drawing Methods Musings

back to the drawing board

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I have been really remiss and not posted anything properly on here in rather too many weeks. I have been stuck in making a lot of work though, messing about with paint, print and photography so I have plenty to hopefully write about in the next couple of weeks and show you the work I Read More

Posted 2nd June 2015 in Methods Photography

how did i do this?

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Wandering about on a Sunday walk a few weeks ago with the family, I happened upon this group of the most gorgeous seed heads. The winter sleep was just passing over into the spring and the light was amazing. I couldn’t resist taking a load of photos of them against the blue sky and somewhere Read More

Posted 4th April 2015 in Methods Painting

a problem child of a painting

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Sometimes I struggle with a piece so much it makes me shout out loud and stamp my feet like a petulant child. This little creature was one of those pieces. I had started it on such a high after the relatively straightforward Halo piece, yes it had had its moments but compared to this it Read More

Posted 3rd April 2015 in Methods Musings Photography

update and storage

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I have decided I need an update on my About page. It means that I am looking for somewhere to store the pictures that are no longer relevant to it. I love these images so I don’t want them to be lost from my blog. They are part of my story and they are very Read More

Posted 23rd March 2015 in Methods Painting

back in the studio & having some fun

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I’ve finally got around to doing some painting again (whoop!) and have been really enjoying myself. Working on a larger scale (this one is a lovely 3ft x 4ft) and throwing myself in at the deep end, no resolution in sight and just seeing where it all heads off to. Not having any set ideas Read More

Posted 14th March 2015 in Methods Photography

double exposure

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As you can probably guess by now I adore taking photos, but I am yet to get to grips with a proper, real camera. I love the idea, but I find the reality a frustrating ball of knotted wool. Yes, I know I just need to go on a course, referesh myself with a bit Read More

Posted 13th March 2015 in Drawing Methods


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Doing any kind of drawing from life is tricky for me. I struggle when it never looks like I’ve planned it in my head and mostly it doesn’t even resemble the thing I am actually drawing. I over think the method and reasoning of why I’m doing it. I don’t seem to engage with it Read More

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