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Posted 11th April 2018 in Musings Other Stuff

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Does anyone else struggle to name their work? It’s like naming your kids. It comes with soooo much baggage. I’m the worst at making the decision. Sometimes they arrive with a name (like the kids) and other times they want to remain anonymous. Untitled. I like this as a word. It writes nicely and looks Read More

Posted 9th April 2018 in Musings Other Stuff

art for arts sake

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I’d seen on pintrest a couple of years ago, a window full of coloured balloons and it stayed with me as something, if I ever had my own space, I would love to do. So, imagine my joy when the studio not only had one but two great windows at the front of it. Oh Read More

Posted 7th April 2018 in Musings Other Stuff

somewhere to expand

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Start. It’s such an amazing thing to do. We all have to start somewhere and the beginning is usually a pretty awesome place for that journey of what may come to commence. To have the space in which to walk in to each day with nothing more requested of me but to make is such Read More

Posted 6th April 2018 in Musings Other Stuff

the studio

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It’s been a while since I’ve graced these pages with any of my witterings. I’ve been kind of lost in the excitement of prepping a studio space and making new work. I have been posting updates on my Instagram pages – @nikicottonartist and @whatdoesanartistdoallday but I’ve been rather remiss in writing and posting here. So, Read More

Posted 8th March 2017 in Drawing Musings

monochrome thoughts

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To make in black and white isn’t my normal state. On the one hand I love it and on the other it’s a fight not to get the neon pink, electric blue and sea green out and splash it everywhere! Controlled making…. another tricky place to work in for me. But I have really enjoyed Read More

Posted 6th March 2017 in Musings

one woman & her dog

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The dogs that end up living with us really are the best additions to the homestead even if they do wreck the joint and drive us slightly bonkers in the process. The endless love, daft faces and hilarity are priceless. The simple grounding they give us and the ability to not care a jot that Read More

Posted 27th February 2017 in Drawing Musings

a drawing a day

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I set myself a quest last year – a drawing a day – it harks back to my time at college when my tutor used to pipe up every now and then, “a drawing a day gets you a BA’. It’s something that has stuck with me but as I’m not someone who draws naturally Read More

Posted 24th February 2017 in Musings

new ink

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I love it when something is a perfect match. I went the other week to get some new ink at the studio of a friend of mine. Letty opened it last year and I have been wanting to go over and have her scribble on me ever since. She has the most gentle of lines, Read More

Posted 17th February 2017 in Musings

future self

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Ever had that moment when you see an image and you can literally look into the future and see yourself? That was exactly what happened when I opened this card from my sister. It was like things dropped in to place when I gazed at this picture and I realised that that was me in Read More

Posted 16th February 2017 in Musings


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It’s funny where you can suddenly come across the most lovely bit of inspiration. Clearing up after sharpening a pile of pencils for the smallest small, I noticed this little group all clinging together. They were being nothing more than a group of shavings, but in that, there was such a simple beauty of shape, Read More


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