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Posted 15th February 2017 in Musings

all the possibilities

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I love the word Hello. It opens everything up from nothing.¬† A clean slate of possibility. It welcomes friendship, knowledge, a reaching hand in a moment of darkness. It’s about sharing your space and probably most of all, a friendly greeting in a sea of the unfamiliar.

Posted 17th October 2016 in Musings


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Recently, a friend told me that I react to things. Hearing this little statement I did exactly that and found myself irritated and thus I’ve muttered away on this point until today, when I realised how much truth there is in the light she shone on that part of my personality. I spend my time Read More

Posted 9th September 2016 in Musings

i spy you…..

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In this era of digital imagery, with cameras on every street corner, in the shops you quietly potter round, on the roads you drive down and every person you pass seems to have one taped to their hand, it is hard to feel invisible. I think the teens of today are super aware of this Read More

Posted 27th August 2016 in Musings

that ugly thing that makes the world go round

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The green backed monster, the elephant in the room, the thing most of us have a really unhealthy relationship with….money. There are some amongst us who love it, who revel in talking about it and bow down to the god of moola and then there are the rest of us. We hate talking about it, Read More

Posted 18th August 2016 in Musings


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I have been searching for a steer skull with enormous  beautiful horns for ages now. I wanted to gold leaf the ends of them but I kept coming back to the feeling that I think having a giant skull of a once living creature stuck to my wall would make me feel creeped out every Read More

Posted 16th August 2016 in Musings

snaffling time

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It can be nigh on impossible to do anything much when the smalls are on their summer break from school. The guilt of not doing something with them can be crippling. I try to remind myself on the days I grab for work, that to go feral in the garden and get their imaginations flowing Read More

Posted 11th July 2016 in Musings

monday morning blues

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I am always saddened to walk around public places after people have been hanging out. There’s always so much litter left where it drops without a regard for the space they are leaving behind. There was a huge bin less than fifty foot from where this little still life was forgotten….. Broken memories of sandy Read More

Posted 7th July 2016 in Methods Musings

stand and deliver

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The ghosts of my youth regularly come back and haunt my work and myself with their influences. I never seem to notice until I step away from the scene or image. Neon has played a big part recently and I have a default setting of painting random stripes across my face for self portraits. Then, Read More

Posted 5th July 2016 in Musings

wearing my colours on my trousers

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Can you tell what I was working on last time I was in the studio?! I know it’s a filthy habit to wipe your hands and brushes all over your clothes but, oh, they do paint a pretty picture. It’s handy to have your trousers available to test the nozzle of the tin of spray Read More

Posted 4th July 2016 in Musings

talking of colour addiction

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I was pottering through pinterest the other day when I came across some of Yves Klein’s blue pieces and remembered how utterly edible and velvety they were. I then, like some kind of addict with a need for a hit, trawled through the net searching all over for a tub of paint in exactly the Read More

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