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Posted 22nd August 2016 in Other Stuff

sail with me

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These little boats may be a little whimsical but I love making them when I find the right pieces of wood washed up on the beach. It really doesn’t happen all that often but when it does I seem to home in on them nestled amongst the flotsam of the sea on the shoreline, patiently Read More

Posted 30th September 2015 in Musings Other Stuff Painting


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I found a new and delicious succulent on my travels the other day that then HAD to have a new pot designed and made for it, (procrastinator, me? Never…) Out came the plaster and 3 attempts later a lovely pot came out of the mould that I then got rather carried away with painting. I’m Read More

Posted 11th March 2015 in Methods Musings Other Stuff Processes

….self portraits…..

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Self portraits are something I have always struggled with. It feels so weird to stare at my face for hours in a mirror whilst I try to paint it, badly. It leaves me feeling really awkward for the duration. It is hard enough to feel uncomfortable working through a painting that is sticking, or has Read More

Posted 8th March 2015 in Methods Other Stuff Processes

concrete & plaster

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I’ve been inspired by seeing all the concrete planters around on Pinterest and Instagram and I have been itching to try and make my own for rather a long time now. So off I headed a to B&Q to load up with some ready mixed concrete, a length of dowling (I had seen a stool Read More

Posted 28th September 2014 in Methods Musings Other Stuff Printmaking


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As I mentioned in a previous post, over the Summer I may not have done much physical making but I was taking endless photos and gathering supplies. I have, since the kids went back to school, been immersing myself in the studio and having fun experimenting and making plenty of new work. I bought myself Read More

The sketchbook has at last been getting some air over the last couple of weeks. I have started doing some random drawings and then whilst I was working on another painting I opened up a couple of pages and started using them to wipe my palate knife and brushes on in between colours. It is Read More

Posted 15th September 2014 in Musings Other Stuff

boing – a blog hop

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Well I’ve never done one of these before so I hope I don’t let the side down…! The very lovely Alice Sheridan from Creative Tortoise (have a look at her amazing work. It’s a collection of beautiful, layered, intricate prints and paintings with a splash of drawing. Gorgeous.) got in touch with me a couple Read More

As I have watched the sea changing colour each day whilst walking the dog, I realised there were some crucial, basic colours missing from my arsenal in the studio. With the kids being prepped for going back to school with new uniforms and fabulous new stationary, I thought – new term? I think I need Read More

Posted 5th September 2014 in Musings Other Stuff Photography

as the summer wanes

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The Autumn came knocking quite abruptly last week and at least 2 weeks early! I couldn’t resist trying to capture the movement of the wave as it crashed into the land. The beautiful splurge of water as it flew up into the air. Yes, I really did get absolutely drenched taking that picture of the Read More

The Mondrian exhibition at the Tate Liverpool had been calling to me for most of the summer holidays. So after a bit of persuasion, we set off with the kids. It was on a week that I was feeling exceedingly blue and finding it difficult to motivate myself at all in any which way, so Read More


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