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Posted 15th September 2014 in Musings Other Stuff

boing – a blog hop

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Well I’ve never done one of these before so I hope I don’t let the side down…! The very lovely Alice Sheridan from Creative Tortoise (have a look at her amazing work. It’s a collection of beautiful, layered, intricate prints and paintings with a splash of drawing. Gorgeous.) got in touch with me a couple Read More

As I have watched the sea changing colour each day whilst walking the dog, I realised there were some crucial, basic colours missing from my arsenal in the studio. With the kids being prepped for going back to school with new uniforms and fabulous new stationary, I thought – new term? I think I need Read More

Posted 5th September 2014 in Musings Other Stuff Photography

as the summer wanes

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The Autumn came knocking quite abruptly last week and at least 2 weeks early! I couldn’t resist trying to capture the movement of the wave as it crashed into the land. The beautiful splurge of water as it flew up into the air. Yes, I really did get absolutely drenched taking that picture of the Read More

The Mondrian exhibition at the Tate Liverpool had been calling to me for most of the summer holidays. So after a bit of persuasion, we set off with the kids. It was on a week that I was feeling exceedingly blue and finding it difficult to motivate myself at all in any which way, so Read More

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August Bank holiday weekend the hubster, who is Mr View Creative and I dragged the kids down to the beach to help with some photography and a video we were making with the girls from Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles. The clouds rolled in in a most ominous way and the heavens opened. Thank goodness it Read More

Posted 6th July 2014 in Other Stuff

rca digital open – opens!

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To whet my appetite to all this chatter going on with my work, a friend had got in touch to let me know that my image was being used to advertise this exhibition…… WOW. I had gone from no exhibitions, to 2 in a week, 1 opening down and another about to happen. It was Read More

Posted 5th July 2014 in Other Stuff Painting Printmaking Textiles

the buzz gallery

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Out of the blue a few weeks ago an old friend I had met on Twitter emailed with an exciting proposal. She had had the opportunity to open a gallery space and would I be interested in putting together some work to exhibit there? I was soooooo excited for her. She is such an amazing Read More

Posted 11th June 2014 in Musings Other Stuff

royal cambrian academy exhibition

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I have never entered a competition with my work so when a friend nudged me in the direction of The Digital Open at The Royal Cambrian Academy I thought I would bite the bullet and send an image in. It would either get picked or not. Simples. As you know I take endless pictures on Read More

Posted 9th May 2014 in Other Stuff

one o’clock, two o’clock….

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I have been looking at the little fluffy heads of the passing dandelions every morning whilst I walk the dog on the beach and then every evening, as the kids and I have been playing what time is it ? One o’clock, two o’clock …. counting with each puff (remember that from childhood?). The kids Read More

Posted 9th April 2014 in Other Stuff

herding cats…..

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Or maybe that should be – just trying to get kids to concentrate a little bit around paint. I was asked by my 9 year old sons teacher if I would go into school and teach his year about Aboriginal Art in a practical format. Well I know next to nothing about it apart from Read More

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