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Posted 2nd September 2016 in Painting

paper series no.1

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Working again with many paintings at once took the pressure off me and the pieces in this series too. I was painting a really large 5ftx5ft piece in the garden and whilst I was at it I taped six slices of beautiful thick Fabriano paper to a couple of drawing boards next to the stretched Read More

Posted 29th August 2016 in Painting

three – a lucky number

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After receiving the most delicious Yves Klein blue I have been itching to get a chance to make something with it. So having built myself the best 3ft square stretchers and after doing all the putting on of the canvas and priming it etc I was lucky enough to get a spell of great weather Read More

Posted 19th August 2016 in Painting

rinse out

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Do you own something that someone can see and instantly know what you do? That tell? Well apart from my constantly paint smeared clothes, phone and body I would say this mug sums what I do up quite well…. If I was to just leave it out somewhere that wasn’t my studio, anyone seeing it Read More

Posted 8th February 2016 in Painting


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This piece started as a collection of marks summing up a squally day down at the beach and ended up being a much more still and thoughtful piece of work. It came after Enjoy the Silence, I was never quite happy with it in its beginning. It was too swoopy on too small a scale. Read More

Posted 30th October 2015 in Painting

small studies

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These started out as a long piece of card I was painting whilst working on a larger piece. I find to work on many paintings and drawings at once stops me focusing everything down a microscope on one thing. I actually had about 5 pieces on the go whilst I was working on this (the Read More

Posted 25th October 2015 in Methods Painting

enjoy the silence

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I have been moving this monster of a canvas (8ft x 8ft) around for many years. It’s been hung up in the office and stuffed in numerous garages. I dragged it out to re paint about 5 years ago and got side tracked so back to the garage it went. At last it got heaved Read More

Posted 21st October 2015 in Painting

neon series

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I’m not sure whether you will have noticed yet or not….. I have a bit of an obsession with neon pink spray paint. There is something just so joyous and delightful in its colour and also in using it. The Montana Gold graffiti spray paints are just so intuitive. The paint erupts from the tin Read More

Posted 18th October 2015 in Painting

small studies

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These little pieces have been through many layers and attacks from me. They have struggled to become what they are as they really didn’t want to pull together and me being me, I dug in my heels and refused to stick them in the bin. I pushed and pushed until they resolved. I am not Read More

Posted 16th October 2015 in Musings Painting Printmaking


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I met someone a while ago. We just clicked. I feel I have known her for years and creatively we just get each other. It’s really exciting. The lovely Pea Restall was running a printmaking course that I went on earlier this year and we had a blast. She has since set up the fabulous Read More

Posted 10th October 2015 in Musings Painting

cupboard love

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It had come to the point in the studio where I was needing somewhere a little bit more clean and tidy in which to store paper, unstretched canvas and work that was too big to be stored on the shelves. I pondered over what to use and what I could fit in the space until Read More


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