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Posted 6th October 2015 in Musings Painting

an excitable manicurist

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One of the downsides of painting with spray paint and not masking your nails off properly first, is that you really can’t use the over spill on your finger tips as a proper manicure. I really need to work out a way to rectifying this soon…..

Posted 4th October 2015 in Painting

neon abstractions

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  These small little studies in Neon Abstraction didn’t even make it into the shop before they were whisked off to peoples homes. In fact, I had a mild panic this morning trying to find the photographs that I knew I had taken but that I simply couldn’t find anywhere. Anyway, as you can see Read More

Posted 30th September 2015 in Musings Other Stuff Painting


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I found a new and delicious succulent on my travels the other day that then HAD to have a new pot designed and made for it, (procrastinator, me? Never…) Out came the plaster and 3 attempts later a lovely pot came out of the mould that I then got rather carried away with painting. I’m Read More

Posted 29th September 2015 in Drawing Musings Painting

hanging about

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I pinned a small off cut of canvas on to the board on the easel and decided to mess about with it as I was working on some drawings and another painting. I hung it out to dry on the rather ‘Heath Robinson-esq’ print drier I’ve rigged up in the studio, (see string that I Read More

Posted 16th June 2015 in Musings Painting

slip through a doorway

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Paint moves in such a different way on thick paper than on canvas. It is a treat to try something I’ve not worked on in a while. The paint slips about in a really free and fluid manner with real ease. It was also a pleasure for the eyes to work with something so bright Read More

Posted 13th June 2015 in Methods Musings Painting

one painting becomes many

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I seem to have had a flurry of problematic paintings that I have ended up, after struggling with, merrily taking scissors to and chopping up. There is something quite cathartic about it, but also, when it then comes together in a way you hadn’t foreseen, thrilling. I think at the moment I would be surrounded Read More

Posted 11th June 2015 in Methods Painting

small studies in neon

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I have been saving all my board offcuts from mounting work. I know it’s the hoarding thing going on again, but, instead of just letting them pile up, I have been making myself gaffer tape them to the board next to larger pieces I am making and working on them as I go along. These Read More

Posted 9th June 2015 in Methods Musings Painting

just paint

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Sometimes you just have to get stuck in and play. See where the materials take you. Faffing about on different surfaces and then taking sections to see where you can push them. I added little bits of paper that I had trimmed off something else to the two below. I love the way the paper Read More

Posted 5th June 2015 in Methods Painting Printmaking


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I love being able to just throw caution to the wind and play in my sketchbook. Using up random bits found in the studio and seeing what it creates or how it can be pushed, on a scale that’s hard for me to use most of the time as it’s so small. But it also Read More

Sitting poolside, again, whilst middler shaved seconds off all of his personal bests at yet another gala; minding my own business, I happened to glance down to my wrist and really look at what I was wearing. There was a pair of the most glorious colours side by side on those silly bands that no Read More

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