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Posted 17th June 2015 in Photography

self portraits and the beach

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I took some photos down on the beach the other day and loved the shadow that fell on the sand in front of me. I had a play about with different pictures I had taken of the sea and sand then melded them together creating these images. The beach and myself as one. I hope Read More

Posted 10th June 2015 in Methods Photography

the red arrows

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I may not have been able to get out the paints whilst sitting pool side at endless swimming galas, but, I have been able to do some extensive photo editing on the old iphone in between the timing of races. I knew the photo ops would be fabulous when we heard the Red Arrows were Read More

Posted 8th June 2015 in Musings Photography

fujifilm instax90

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I have been playing around with the most ridiculously cute camera recently. A lovely Fujifilm Instax90. With its delightfully retro looks, ace handling and pocket sized photos that slide out of the side. It’s been great to experiment with a different platform and the landscape/portrait format rather than the square that we are all becoming Read More

Posted 2nd June 2015 in Methods Photography

how did i do this?

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Wandering about on a Sunday walk a few weeks ago with the family, I happened upon this group of the most gorgeous seed heads. The winter sleep was just passing over into the spring and the light was amazing. I couldn’t resist taking a load of photos of them against the blue sky and somewhere Read More

Posted 3rd April 2015 in Methods Musings Photography

update and storage

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I have decided I need an update on my About page. It means that I am looking for somewhere to store the pictures that are no longer relevant to it. I love these images so I don’t want them to be lost from my blog. They are part of my story and they are very Read More

Posted 14th March 2015 in Methods Photography

double exposure

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As you can probably guess by now I adore taking photos, but I am yet to get to grips with a proper, real camera. I love the idea, but I find the reality a frustrating ball of knotted wool. Yes, I know I just need to go on a course, referesh myself with a bit Read More

Posted 10th March 2015 in Methods Musings Photography

snap happy

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Sometimes, you can be tootling on your way, minding your own business, and just at THAT moment you know what you see will make a great image. That’s what happened with this ‘Reflections of the Big Wheel’. It was just sitting there doing its thing and I was doing mine, (wrestling smalls out of the Read More

Posted 9th March 2015 in Methods Photography Processes

roiling waters

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The wild winds and high tides of this winter have given me some fabulous opportunities for taking some inspiring shots. The thundering bass line of water as it crashes down onto the shore, and the rattle of pebbles hauled back to sea as the wave recedes. Reminding me of childhood walks. Being hauled out by Read More

Posted 7th March 2015 in Musings Photography

sunset and after

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I love the night sky. One of these days I will either get myself a telescope to sit and watch it by or I’ll sort myself out with some proper equipment in which to photograph it so I can actually see it like my eyes do and my brain processes it. There is something so Read More

Posted in Photography


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  Who doesn’t love the imagery of the old fashioned Victoria Fun Fair. The gilded and wildly coloured horses as the gallop about in circles.    

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