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Posted 5th June 2015 in Methods Painting Printmaking


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I love being able to just throw caution to the wind and play in my sketchbook. Using up random bits found in the studio and seeing what it creates or how it can be pushed, on a scale that’s hard for me to use most of the time as it’s so small. But it also Read More

Posted 12th March 2015 in Methods Musings Printmaking

mono printing with seaweed

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Walking down on the beach a few weeks ago I found some great pieces of seaweed. Really beautiful shapes. I bought them home thinking I might be able to use them as inspiration or to draw from. Then in a moment of, ‘what the heck. Lets try it and see what happens’, I threw them Read More

Posted 28th September 2014 in Methods Musings Other Stuff Printmaking


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As I mentioned in a previous post, over the Summer I may not have done much physical making but I was taking endless photos and gathering supplies. I have, since the kids went back to school, been immersing myself in the studio and having fun experimenting and making plenty of new work. I bought myself Read More

Posted 5th July 2014 in Other Stuff Painting Printmaking Textiles

the buzz gallery

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Out of the blue a few weeks ago an old friend I had met on Twitter emailed with an exciting proposal. She had had the opportunity to open a gallery space and would I be interested in putting together some work to exhibit there? I was soooooo excited for her. She is such an amazing Read More

Posted 8th June 2014 in Printmaking

ghosts series continued…

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I had a bit of an epiphany with my Ghosts series the other day when I realised I could speak (or randomly email) the lovely people at Thermofax Screens and ask their advice on how to turn my dandelion image into a screen print. The delightful Claire was so very helpful, and with the ability Read More

Posted 25th May 2014 in Musings Photography Printmaking

sketching with the iphone

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By now I am sure that you know the beach is the inspiration for my work and since the dawn of the iphone, photography has become the basis of where my work and thoughts start, moving off into printmaking, stitch and painting. The path along the coast that I walk on everyday with the kids Read More

Posted 22nd May 2014 in Printmaking

easy peasy lemon squeezy

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In celebration of me winning a coveted spot in the Royal Cambrian Academy’s Digital Art Exhibition, I’ve finally got around to running a competition on my Instagram feed (image above) and on my facebook page (image below). So if you fancy a chance to win one of these original mono prints then you just need Read More

Posted 27th April 2014 in Printmaking Textiles

flotsam and jetsam

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This is the beginning of a body of work where I have been blending my stitching into my printmaking. The link with my other pieces that are stand alone prints and also with my paintings is really apparent. There is a lovely free movement of conversation between them all at the moment, I am finding Read More

Posted 13th April 2014 in Printmaking

mono print postcard series

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  With this series of mono gelli prints I was trying out a different shape to my usual format of squares, so it was rectangles all the way, postcard in size (approx 14cm x 10cm). I really like them. They are like little snowflakes, each one different.    

Posted 25th March 2014 in Printmaking

latest prints

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I’ve been zoning out of my ever chattering brain and noisy life for a time and getting into my studio to get messy with some ink and get into the flow of the moment. Feeling the ink in my hands, working with the tools, seeing the colours as I peel back the paper from the Read More

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