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Posted 24th October 2015 in Musings Photography Processes

playing about on the iphone

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I love sitting of an evening and having a play about with the different editing apps on the iphone. There are some totally amazing ones which have the ability to help you make some ace images when you don’t have the first bit of knowledge about anything to do with design software on the Mac. Read More

Posted 11th March 2015 in Methods Musings Other Stuff Processes

….self portraits…..

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Self portraits are something I have always struggled with. It feels so weird to stare at my face for hours in a mirror whilst I try to paint it, badly. It leaves me feeling really awkward for the duration. It is hard enough to feel uncomfortable working through a painting that is sticking, or has Read More

Posted 9th March 2015 in Methods Photography Processes

roiling waters

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The wild winds and high tides of this winter have given me some fabulous opportunities for taking some inspiring shots. The thundering bass line of water as it crashes down onto the shore, and the rattle of pebbles hauled back to sea as the wave recedes. Reminding me of childhood walks. Being hauled out by Read More

Posted 8th March 2015 in Methods Other Stuff Processes

concrete & plaster

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I’ve been inspired by seeing all the concrete planters around on Pinterest and Instagram and I have been itching to try and make my own for rather a long time now. So off I headed a to B&Q to load up with some ready mixed concrete, a length of dowling (I had seen a stool Read More


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