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Posted 16th February 2017 in Musings


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It’s funny where you can suddenly come across the most lovely bit of inspiration. Clearing up after sharpening a pile of pencils for the smallest small, I noticed this little group all clinging together. They were being nothing more than a group of shavings, but in that, there was such a simple beauty of shape, Read More

Posted 15th February 2017 in Musings

all the possibilities

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I love the word Hello. It opens everything up from nothing.  A clean slate of possibility. It welcomes friendship, knowledge, a reaching hand in a moment of darkness. It’s about sharing your space and probably most of all, a friendly greeting in a sea of the unfamiliar.

Posted 17th October 2016 in Musings


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Recently, a friend told me that I react to things. Hearing this little statement I did exactly that and found myself irritated and thus I’ve muttered away on this point until today, when I realised how much truth there is in the light she shone on that part of my personality. I spend my time Read More

Posted 9th September 2016 in Musings

i spy you…..

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In this era of digital imagery, with cameras on every street corner, in the shops you quietly potter round, on the roads you drive down and every person you pass seems to have one taped to their hand, it is hard to feel invisible. I think the teens of today are super aware of this Read More

Posted 5th September 2016 in Methods

composition & inspiration

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I to spend a large portion of my day walking the dog and at the gym where I go to sweat so I can eat mostly what I want and both are places where it would be all too easy to walk through them feeling I have seen it all already. It is so easy Read More

Posted 2nd September 2016 in Painting

paper series no.1

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Working again with many paintings at once took the pressure off me and the pieces in this series too. I was painting a really large 5ftx5ft piece in the garden and whilst I was at it I taped six slices of beautiful thick Fabriano paper to a couple of drawing boards next to the stretched Read More