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a jolly good read

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I can’t remember why I picked up Michel Craig-Martins book, it hadn’t been recommended by anyone I knew or someone on Instagram but maybe it had been Amazon?

Anyway, that’s kind of irrelevant. One day I didn’t have it and then I did. I loved it from the beginning. Sometimes these books can take a while to get in to. You have to engage your brain but this, this was easy.

A seriously funny and inspiring writer full of brilliant anecdotes and ideas, a chatty demeanor and a want to pass on his thoughts and knowledge, he doesn’t want you to sit there scratching your head trying to decipher what the hell he’s waffling on about. He wants to impart his excitement, thoughts and understanding about his passion and ignite a flame within the reader.

However I came across this book, I’m so grateful I did, and, if you’re looking for a brilliant read that you know you will turn back to again and again on art and ideas, then you can’t go far wrong with this. It’s a joy.

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