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you spin me round

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you can paint over me but i will still be here

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I’d been looking for inspiration to add to the light box but when I came across this line I had to place it on the bricks at the back of the studio. I love the idea of being erased whilst still existing. I can’t help but think of death and the energy we leave behind, Read More

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face off series

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I’ve been making these images for just over a year now. They started off as a bit of a laugh with one of my lovely insta chums @junkshopvenus, but I haven’t been able to stop making them when I come across the right image. Matching my face to those photos of people I find interesting. Read More

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a jolly good read

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I can’t remember why I picked up Michel Craig-Martins book, it hadn’t been recommended by anyone I knew or someone on Instagram but maybe it had been Amazon? Anyway, that’s kind of irrelevant. One day I didn’t have it and then I did. I loved it from the beginning. Sometimes these books can take a Read More

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enjoy the silence #2

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I love beginning a painting when I no idea where it’s going to go. When it becomes about the music around me, the paint, the colors and the energy. This emerged from the end of my brushes almost by osmosis which is a silly thing to say on the one hand but it really did Read More

This is going to be an image heavy post but this series has become quite large. I came across the best app on my phone a few years ago and had some of the best fun blending my digital drawings with the slow shutter photos I take at night. The app was made by a Read More


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